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Blueberry Splash :iconhyperhoshiko:HyperHoshiko 1 0 Anime Bunny Girl :iconhyperhoshiko:HyperHoshiko 2 0 Megurine Luka :iconhyperhoshiko:HyperHoshiko 4 1 Chapter 3: Feelings :iconhyperhoshiko:HyperHoshiko 0 0 Peach and baby Star :iconhyperhoshiko:HyperHoshiko 1 0
Hana to Kokoro:Chapter 2
Chapter 2: Boyfriend?
After school, Hanako's friends wave goodbye to her as she waves back as well. She then feels a hand on her shoulder. Panicked she turns around but only to see her friend Ginta. "Oh its you" ^_^ Ginta smiles "what'd you think I was a stranger? Both of them laugh. "Oh! "You should come to my house :D!" Ginta agrees to go with her. "So how have you been these past few years?" I've been good but I'm really happy to see you again…. Ginta pats her on the head. I said I'd come back didn't I? and smiles at her. She smiles back and they continue their walk to Hanako's house. "I'm home". "Welcome home" says her parents. "Mom, Dad look whose here!". "who?" Ginta walks in slowly "Hi Mr. and Mrs. Hitarashi ^_^"  "It's Ginta-kun!" How have you been said her mom overflowing with happiness. "I'm good"  Ginta… long time no see says her father "Nice to see you too sir" "You should stay for a while "Oh…I don't want to imp- "Nonsense!!!" says Mr. Hi
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Sailor spongebob :iconhyperhoshiko:HyperHoshiko 4 0 Lei Lei Daisy by Me :iconhyperhoshiko:HyperHoshiko 1 0 Peach bunny festival drawn :iconhyperhoshiko:HyperHoshiko 0 0 Peach plumber :iconhyperhoshiko:HyperHoshiko 1 0 Peach gift :iconhyperhoshiko:HyperHoshiko 0 0 Peachi-hime :iconhyperhoshiko:HyperHoshiko 1 0 Peach:New Version :iconhyperhoshiko:HyperHoshiko 1 0
Hana to Kokoro: Chapter 1
Chapter 1: I'm back
A little girl crying. "But I don't want you to go". A young boy gently pats her on the head. "Don't worry I'll be back. The little girl sniffles "when?". The little boy answers "soon Hanako soon…. The little girl wipes her tears "ok".  The alarm rings. The now 15 yr old girl Hanako Hitarashi rolls out of bed. I dreamt of him again…. She was dreaming of her very close friend Ginta Mitarashi. -sigh- "I really miss him"…..  The teenager looks at the clock and realizes she has overslept once again. OMG I OVERSLEPT AGAIN!!!!! She rushes to get dressed and flies down the stairs and quickly runs down the stairs, grabs a piece of toast from the toaster and waves goodbye to her parents and older brother. She reaches to school right on time and meets her friends in the hallway. "Hi guys"!!  Her friend Aiko looks at her worriedly and asks what happened to her. "I overslept again" Again!?! Said her friend Tatsuki. "Yup -.-" Well at l
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Random Story about Bowser
It was a bright and sunny Spring morning. The birds were chirping and there was peace all around. All of a sudden a huge "THUMP" is heard.  I pause. The thumping grows louder. All of a sudden….. BOOM!!! Something crashes through your door. Its big and green. Its spiky and bulgy.  IT'S THE DEFINTION OF EPIC FAIL. ITS BOWSER!!! WTH!?! O__o He says he wants to battle. I run for dear life. He trips me and I slam into the wall, my mouth all blood. WHERE IS SHE!?! He growls.  Princess Peach ain't here!! I replied He grabs me by the shirt. NOT HER!!! Don't play dumb!!!! I know she's here!!! Still unaware of who he is talking about, I faint from exhaustion. He tosses me across the room like a raggedy doll and destroys my house looking for his special woman. I awake from my slumber to find my house in shreds. Oh, I'm so getting blamed for this -__-.  Stupid ass turtle…. that's why nobody wants you.
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Gift- YOU DIRTY BROTHER KILLER! :iconfoxy-sierra:Foxy-Sierra 51 8 Pg Be27sm :iconfoxy-sierra:Foxy-Sierra 54 39 Hypothetically :iconzarla:zarla 2,570 611 A Shows Beginning (pg 19) :icontiger2525959:Tiger2525959 13 0 HEARBEAT :iconmareditions02:MarEditions02 14 8 Fanart: Strong woman Do Bong Soon :iconmichiko-rose:Michiko-Rose 6 0 strong woman do bong soon :iconinfiresmaenn:infiresmaenn 2 5
swim instructor pt. 1 - makoto tachibana x reader
A deep blush was obviously present on your cheeks as you stood in front of your new swimming instructor. When your friend told you her little brother had a nice swimming instructor, you didn’t expect someone that was tall, toned and handsome. Now you knew that you were about to make a fool of yourself in front of him by showing him your poor doggy paddle. His eyes felt like they were burning happy little holes into you as he smiled, very pleased by your presence. The situation wouldn’t be as embarrassing if you didn’t have the deepest high school crush on him. You knew your friend had to have planned this all along. Her dodging your constant questions about who it was began to make sense. You made a mental note to kill her later.
“Have you ever tried swimming lessons before?” He began, his emerald green eyes finding your (e/c) ones.
“When I was little I tried swimming lessons, but my ten year old self was more interested in ballet.” There you g
:iconhemz4:hemz4 3 0
Undertale - The Fallen Children :icontc-96:TC-96 2,633 471
Smile (Yamazaki Sousuke x Reader)
note: this is so ooc i can't even look at it. read at your own risk.
You watch as the Samezuka and Iwatobi boys play in the pool. You sighed. That looks so fun, you thought. And you could be having the same fun if you hadn't forgotten your swimsuit.
You sighed again as your eyes wandered. As usual, they landed on the tall, dark-haired Samezuka swimmer, also known as Sousuke Yamazaki. You smiled a bit. He looked so carefree playing with his friends. And his smile. God, his smile.
His smile was probably the prettiest you've ever seen. It lit up his whole face and made him look as friendly as he really is. When he smiled, his smile was so wide it'd look like his eyes were closed (or they actually were. You were never close enough to tell).
"(Name)-chan! (Friend) says she has an extra swimsuit! C'mon!" Gou called.
"I'm coming!" You said. You gave one last glance at the grinning boy then followed Gou.
Sousuke watched as you followed Gou. You've been staring at him for
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Uzumaki.Family.full.1814930 :iconnaruhinaindonesia:NaruHinaIndonesia 327 13 Cuteness overload :iconmikayeel:Mikayeel 245 55 Uzumaki family :iconmikayeel:Mikayeel 172 23 Crusading Is Magic ! :iconshutterflyeqd:ShutterflyEQD 291 81 Easter Bunny :iconuotapo:uotapo 1,899 165 Realization prt2 :iconmegs-ils:MegS-ILS 207 80


Just graduated college today. SO HAPPY Happy Happy..Onion 


United States
HIIII :La: I um... I like being random, weird. I like oreos o.o Likes anime, manga, traveling and LEARNING NEW THINGS:D DFUSDFDSODFSI IDK WHAT ELSE 2 WRITE D:

Favourite genre of music: J-Pop
Favourite photographer: none
Operating System: Vista? o.O
MP3 player of choice: stop asking questions!!!
Shell of choice: O_o wth? i ain't a koopa
Wallpaper of choice: .... rainbow =O
Skin of choice: Brown? o.o
Favourite cartoon character: Spongebob
Personal Quote: "Weird is the new Normal"


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